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Fairy Tales 3

A Fairy House

I've found a fairy house at last!
I found it yesterday.
I found it in a little wood,
Where I had gone to play.
It sat upon a winding path
Which led me to the door
And none I'm sure but fairy folk
Had travelled it before.

Outside, it's just exactly like
A very old oak tree,
But O, the door was open,
And I couldn't help but see
The little mushroom tables
And the little toadstool chairs,
And such a funny little step
That led away upstairs.

A mossy rug was on the floor
So very smooth and neat;
I looked and thought I saw
The print of fairy feet.
A hammock, made of spider lace,
Was swinging to and fro,
To rock the fairy babies in
At bedtime, don't you know.

I hadn't been invited,
So of course I couldn't stay;
Besides, the little fairy folk
All chanced to be away.
And so I left a clover leaf
And hung it on the wall,
To tell the fairy family
That I had been to call.

By M. Justus